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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

That High Numbers Show

I've been listening quite a bit to that High Numbers concert I mentioned yesterday, which seems to have taken place 11/24/64, to the best I can determine. It's exciting to hear the Who in such an early stage -- they're not nearly as good as they'd get, but the energy's there. Moon's barely in control, and I wonder how the sound came off to teenagers at the time. Was it as shocking as I'd guess it was?

I still disagree, but I can understand the people who say the group was all downhill after its first three singles. There's a rawness here that makes it feel like everything's just about to break into pieces. The group also puts off this sexual energy that they don't really have anywhere else, unless maybe on the '69-'70 tours (I'm thinking especially of "Young Man Blues" and "Shakin' All Over" from that era).

I'm a little confused about the mp3s, though -- I suspect there's some repeating and mis-ordering, but I don't have anything firm to go on, so I'm just offering this as a thought to anyone else listening.