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Friday, February 25, 2005

LCD Soundsystem

I'm having trouble understanding what I feel about LCD Soundsystem's self-titled album. To start with, it's about as close to a perfectly-crafted alubm as I've heard in a long time. Murphy has every note, every blip, every word in just the right place, and the disc sounds incredible. While no song surpasses the singles from the past few years (particularly "Yeah"), every song is impressive, as is the album's cohesiveness. Murphy also plays the reference game well, nodding here and there to music history, and sounding fresh even while evoking (and sometimes invoking) his influences. If it sounds like it's a mechanical album, it isn't -- it's fun and affecting.

So what's my problem? I don't know. In some way, the disc is almost too perfect to be enjoyed (in the way that I've been spinning M.I.A's Arular far more often, and singing random phrases from it). I realize this sounds kind of dumb -- you don't look at Rembrandt and say you can't dig it because his use of light is too exact, and you don't read Dickens and say that narrative structure was too well-done to be enjoyed. Yet, I can't fully embrace LCD Soundsystem. It's not sterile and it's not un-fun, yet it hasn't been able to win a spot in my heart (even if the singles are there). It could be the perfection, although I love Monster Movie and say that album's close to perfect. Apparently I need more thought on this issue, although perhaps that's the problem...


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