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Monday, September 12, 2005

Pick of the Week (9/12/05)

Elbow -- Cast of Thousands (V2) 2003

Picked this week in honor of their new release, which I think comes out, at least internationally tomorrow.

Cast of Thousands is the only album I ever heard one time (streaming through, I don't know, NME's website) and immediately fell so in love with it that I had to order the import (since the US release was months away). The album opens with as strong a three-song sequence as anything this decade. The band made a great artistic decision by following those beautiful tracks with "Snooks (Progress Report)." The noise on that track grounds the album and gives it a corporeality. Its placement here also allows the track to sound better than it otherwise would, and it's that kind of attentiveness that propels a collection of great songs into the status of a great album. Plus, it's got the most gorgeous, collective singalong I can think of.


Blogger Ian said...

Absolutely spot-on about "Snooks".

10:48 PM  

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