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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Best Album to Make You Think It's Summer

Best Album to Make You Think It's Summer: Freezepop's Fancy Ultra-Fresh

This award is in honor of our coldest spell of the year (which seems to be warming a bit). I've seen very little written about Freezepop this year, but their new album's as fun as anything else out there. The synthpop music comes from a little box the band totes around with them, while vocalist Liz Enthusiasm throws in some great lyrics. Highlights: "I Am Not Your Gameboy" (for its maturing middle-school feminism), "Chess King" (for its smart satire), and "Bicycle Thief" (for general bopping-aroundness). Nearly every track on here sticks in your head like, well, a melted freezepop on your fingers, and it's a very good thing. Fancy Ultra-Fresh just barely missed being on my top 40 of the year list (it's probably around 50), but I wish more people were listening to it. I'll have it in the car for the holiday-trekking -- it'll be better than turning up the heater.


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