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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Reader, Can You Spare a Dime?

Below is a press release I thought was worth passing on. Anyone who has instruments knows not only the monetary value of them, but also the emotional attachment, and it's hard to imagine the invasiveness of such a theft:

RUFIO, currently on the road with Alkaline Trio in support of their upcoming release, The Comfort of Home, had the misfortune of losing all of their gear, merch and luggage last night when the bands trailer was stolen after their show in Montreal, Quebec.

The band issued the following statement today to their fans, asking for their help:

“Hey Everyone,
After an amazing show in Montreal we returned to our hotel to find our trailer containing all of our music equipment, merchandise, and luggage, gone. Police officials say the trailer was unhitched from the van and pushed back with enough room for a vehicle to reattach itself to the trailer and leave with the trailer in tow. Needless to say, all of us in Rufio are in a state of despondency and are asking for any help you can give to get us back on our feet. These people took our livelihoods and everything we have from us. If you can find it in you to give even $10, we would deeply appreciate it. You can donate money by sending money to through PayPal or to:

c/o New Noise Management
207 N. Broadway
Suite I
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Thanks so much for even the smallest gift you can give,
Jon and Rufio”

The band will finish up the Alkaline Trio with borrowed equipment before jumping on the Warped Tour June 6 in Pomona.


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