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Friday, August 26, 2005

Attention: The CD is NOT Dying

Contrary to this story, which is actually thinly-veiled PR for the Sun, people still listen to CDs, and will for some time.

For the record, I've had the Sun album for a while but have yet to listen to it, mainly because I can't hear it in my office, or my study at home, or in my car, or in my bedroom, and using the DVD player in the living room means taking over the family space, which I don't often do. DVD-only -- not so much the way to go. CD + DVD video, much better. Although soon I'll have a DVD player on my computer, I still won't sit there watching videos.


Blogger Ian said...

That story is a piece of shit.

And you're absolutely right about ease of accessibility - I don't want to manipulate them "through a computer to download the songs onto an MP3 player or burn them onto a CD" - I want them pre-burned on a CD, if we're thinking about it that way. I wasn't exactly excited about the Sun before, but I'm less so now.

11:38 AM  

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