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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Today It must be 1970

Because this is for real:


As such, they tend to oppose policies backed by their feminist peers who campaign for women in military combat roles, pay equity between men and women and ending gender discrimination in the workplace.

[So they're *pro*-dicrimination and -pay inequity?]

"Of course they're not for women at all," she said, referring to the programs. "They're just for their own intolerant, radical feminist and usually lesbian beliefs."

[Ah, the '70s stereotype of feminist as hairy dyke]

What's so aggravating is the factual inaccuracy of much NeW's argument. I understand someone not being a feminist, but shouldn't you at least take the time to learn what that actually is before launching out against? Okay, you're a conservative, but does that necessitate hate, vindictiveness, and head-burying? No one on any position has gotten intellectually strong without an honest attempt to understand the other side.

Yes, there are intolerant feminists, too, you don't need to point that out to me. I just haven't read an article on them in a while.

(For the record, I have a strong conservative past.)


Blogger Alfred said...

"(For the record, I have a strong conservative past.)"

Oh? DO tell.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Well, there's no real story. I just come from a very conservative part of the country. Democrat was essentially a perjorative term -- I knew two real ones growing up. I watched Rush Limbaugh's tv shows daily, supported the NRA, etc.

My changing started late high school when I realized the utter lack of heart or soul in Rush's environmental thinking, but it was a gradual process that really took until grad school to get to this point, which is ... comfortably (at least) ... to the left.

3:37 PM  

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