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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The End Begins in a Basement

Adrien's started his year-end wrap-up at Basement Galaxy. Last year (even before I had met Adrien), it was a daily read for me, and this year should be just as good. If nothing else, his passion for such an array of music should keep the countdown and accompanying analysis interesting. Plus, there are daily mp3s.

I agree almost exactly with his recount of the year: great start, dull summer, strong finish. At one point in May or June I was even complaining that nothing was coming out I wanted to hear, which fortunately gave me the opportunity to pick up lots of back catalog stuff I had been missing out on, and which allowed my newfound love of Ray Charles to develop.

The biggest surprise to me this year is my discovery that I can actually like some types of country music. It took me long enough, and enough treading of the alt waters, but my ears are accepting this days. Pretty much, if it's on CMT, I'm still not likely to enjoy it, but people like Robbie Fulks led to Willie Nelson and I'm glad that I'm not as much a hater as I used to be.

I'm also reminded that I need to start my 2005 meaningless awards for made-up categories, which lasted only for two or three categories last year before travel, work, etc. disrupted them. Stay tuned -- I'll try harder this December. In the meantime, suggest names for the awards. The Tunies? The Alternaties? See, I'm bad with names...


Blogger Ian said...

The Cober-Lakes. Obviously.

It sounds all fancy and dignified, you know?

1:24 PM  
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