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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Most Anticipated Releases of 2005

Now that I'm almost done with blurbs, list-making, reflections, debating, etc. for 2004, let's jump right ahead to the new year with the albums I'm most looking forward to:

Bloc Party -- Silent Alarm
Broken Social Scene -- Windsurfing Nation
Elbow -- Station Approach
The Flaming Lips -- At War With the Mystics
Grandaddy -- ??
LCD Soundsystem -- LCD Soundsystem
Lemon Jelly -- 64-95
M83 -- Before the Dawn Heels Us
The Mars Volta -- Frances the Mute (the unfinished version has leaked and is incredible)
The Rapture -- ??
Spoon -- The Beast and Dragon Are Adored
M. Ward - Transistor Radio
Kanye West -- Late Registration
The Who -- ?? (!!! - Finally! [also, I'll believe it when I see it])

Get a good preview of rock at DJ Martian's site.

I've also heard a few impressive albums already, including the new one from Stars (available now in Canada) and one from Crooked Fingers.


Blogger Ian said...

So has anyone already called that Elbow for Stylus, d'you think?

Haven't really heard any Mars Volta; what'd you think of their first?

That's quite the impressive list 'round DJ Martian's - if I wasn't on holiday I'd probably go through it quite thoroughly. Surely the new Aphex album thing is just a rumour?

Saw Crooked Fingers open for the Delgados; the stuff he said was new was quite good, and he was entertaining, but I never got the urge to get any of his stuff. But it was a solo set - he said he'd be back with a band at some point.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

I didn't really like De-Loused, but the new one's blowing me away. Based on a recent conversation I had with a fan, though, I get the sense that it's going to produce very polarized reactions.

I think the Elbow might be called, but I'll give you 15-minute headstart on it. After voting Cast of Thousands as the top album of 2003, I'm hardly qualified to review it anyway. :)

2:36 PM  

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