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Friday, July 01, 2005

In Which the Author Makes a Confession and Gets a Rhetorical Beat-Down

Today, I admit what I like:

Everyone else has far better points and less parade-making writing, but I'm sticking with me.

Some highlights:

"But unlike that under the table double-dealing from years past, there is nary a mafia figure or coked-up programming director in sight." -- Bill Gibron

"Reality-television achievement has become the second lottery, where hard work and talent are trumped by self-exploitation and displays of creativity so oatmeal gray that even Goldilocks herself would cry, 'This porridge is just shit.'" -- Terry Sawyer

"Heading down the road to see the carpet rolled out for American Idol's finale was one of the most quintessentially American moments in my life, more so than seeing a Hummer with a 'no blood for oil' bumper sticker." -- Jodie Janella Horn

" Both American Idol, and our presidential elections function as celebrations of voting for its own sake, showcasing our ersatz democracy in which you, the wise viewer/citizen, are endlessly applauded for 'exercising one's rights' by choosing among the limited options offered without questioning why they are so pathetically inadequate in the first place." -- Rob Horning


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