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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dizzee v. Wiley

The two hot British MCs right now are Dizzee and Wiley. It seems like they used to be buds until Dizzee patted some girl's bum and Wiley went home sleepy and Dizzee got stabbed. I'm with Wiley here -- you get tired and your boy's acting like an ass, go home. Not that D should have been stabbed, of course.

On the records, I'm going with Dizzee. I get up more hearing it, but mainly I pick him because he threatens to punch me in the nostrils and punch me in the shins, which is crazy. Most peeps who talk about nose-hits are talking the tip. With a precision nostril-punch in his arsenal, I want Dizzee watching my back. Let alone the shin-punch, picture: DR drops to one knee and throws the ninja punch to the tibula!

Wiley, for his biggest strength, has the most Atari beats I've heard in 20 years, and I'm loving it. Sometimes when I'm listening I black out and have these visions of swinging on vines and jumping on alligators' heads. My next project is going to be playing three hours of River Raid, Frostbite, and Jungle King; then sampling the sounds and getting MF Doom to rhyme over it. We'll release it as Herb Qbert and the Caleco Brass.


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