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Friday, April 01, 2005

Sojourners' 50 Cent Update

The news from the latest Sojourners newsletter:

Rapper hurt by falling dollar

American entertainers have started feeling the effect of the U.S. dollar's precipitous devaluation on world markets. In many European venues, for example, platinum-selling rap artist 50 Cent has been forced to perform under the name of 37 Cent, depending on the daily rate. Just last weekend, after another exchange hit in England, the rapper had no choice but to begin his tour of the British Isles as 10 Shillings, Threepence, a name that may undermine his urban street thug persona. Fortunately, because of China's commitment to artificially prop up American rap imports, 50 Cent is still selling strong in Asia as 74 Yen.

(yes, it's April 1st)


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