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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Four More From Oh-Four

33. Augie March - Strange Bird
Formalist pop. Augie March, why have I cast you aside for bigger adventures?

34. Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles
I'm really having a hard time remembering why this made the list. It's a good record, but Xiu Xiu's never fully won me over. I just got the live record to see what that does for me.

35. Joanna Newsom - Milk-Eyed Mender
Still a gorgeous record, and it would be even if she didn't have that strange voice and if she played, like, the banjo or something less unusual than the harp. It wouldn't have cracked my top 40, though, if that had been the case.

36. Animal Collective - Sung Tongs
I like this one less after listening more to the new one, which missed out on my top 20. I'm still interested in experimental folk, but moreso in experimenting within folk traditions, rather than expanding the sonic palette, as they say. That's why the new Otis Taylor is so successful in my mind.

The recurring theme, apparently, is how little I listen to my favorite records from last year, which is kind of sad. It's due primarily, like most music writers, to listening to too much new stuff. For awhile I was listening to all of every promo I got, and that's stopped, but I still am too interested in too much music to turn most of it off. I probably listen to 6-8 albums per day, and several of those are new releases, and several are new-to-me acquisitions. So in the accumulation of breadth, not enough is taken to heart, maybe. Of course, how many of those albums do you really get anyway?

Still, even that's not enough to make me think I'm doing something wrong. I love my gigs, if only I had more time to actually write...


Blogger Ian said...

This is (one of) the reasons I only have a top twenty. When I go past that I really start going into albums I respect but don't listen to that often.

11:18 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, this is fun reading. Keep 'em coming. That Augie March album, however, was my #2 of the year. I still listen to it a lot.


12:39 PM  
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