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Friday, February 10, 2006

Another Missed Single

While reading these thoughts on Poplicks today, I realized I missed a single I absolutely would have voted for:

16. The Legendary K.O.: George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People
Awesome to see a fuggin' MP3 rank this high. I think it would have been higher had more people heard it.

I wonder how many people just didn't think of this one. I heard and sent the link to everyone I thought would like it. Oliver Wang quotes a P&J commenter on the topic:

The government left an entire stadium full of black people to die. And it was broadcast on national TV so we could all watch. And we only get one rap song? And it's an MP3? (Christopher Weingarten)

I missed that one, but it's an awesome take.

Here's the track in question for anyone who hasn't heard it (or hasn't heard it in a while):


Anonymous schlarb said...

hmmmm... why would anyone vote for this song? it's a vapid retread of a mediocre pop/rap tune.

i know chris weingarten and would agree with his take. but to say that this song should be "voted" for purely on intent (not the content) is kind of missing the point of music as a whole i would argue.

and again, knowing full well that ALL music criticism is subjective, that song is awful, awful, awful. lyrically, production-wise this tune is gar-bage.

wow. that felt kind of good. haven't ranted on the internet in like, 5 years.

7:18 PM  
Blogger thepopo said...


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