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Thursday, January 12, 2006

6 - 8

06. Dizzee Rascal - Showtime
Haha -- so it wasn't a mistake when I had Boy in Da Corner down the list. I had forgotten how into this I was when it came out. I still listen to it on occasion, but it doesn't quite excite me like it first did. Even so, it's a top 10 disc. I also associate it with a great vacation I had in the fall of 2004, just to a cabin in the woods. I'm pretty sure it was playing when we first reached the site, and it gets special sentimental points, too.

07. Madvillain - Madvillainy
Ranked this high for pure weirdness if nothing else. Highly entertaining, even if when (sometimes especially when) Doom has nothing at all to say. Even the superhero interludes work, cliched as they've become, making it a record that makes me want to listen to the future of rap and the history of radio all at once.

08. Jim White - Drill a Hole in that Substrate and Tell Me What You See
One of my favorite contemporary songwriters, and this album's his best work by a step-and-a-half. "Static on the Radio" is a song that never, ever, ever gets old, and can instantly set the mood of a room. And even though it's the opener and the album's best song (often a bad combination), this disc never suffers for it. And White's an extremely nice guy. Actually, he's one of several just in my top 10, none of whom I had any contact with until after this list was out, which makes me happy that nice guys don't always finish last.


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