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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Joanna Newsom

Everyone needs to read these comments from Joanna Newsom, in a recent tinymixtapes interview:
I think it would be unconscionable to conceal my political leanings right now, because I think the world is in a state where such preferences transcend "politics," and begin to more closely resemble the true determinants of life and death, decisions upon which the psychic and emotional health of our country and world are hinged. This vote we're preparing for will either bring us leadership that will cast a dark shadow over all of our hearts and the future of the world, or leadership that could move us in a direction of reparation, connectedness, accountability, humanitarianism.... Not to romanticize the ever-increasingly-moderate democratic party, but the alternative is so ugly, so poisonous, so corrupt, fueled by a hatred and greed and heartlessness and fear that seep outward into every American's experience of life, attempting to justify the damage our administration is doing to the rest of the world--and concealing the reality of how deeply hated we are. This is the stuff of insomnia, hysteria, for me.


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